About Project

Stagecoach Solar Park is a proposed 3.87 MW solar park located in Sun Valley, Arizona. This facility is designed to be a small scale generating facility which will provide power to APS and their grid system.

The facility will feature 9,736 panels rated at 400w per panel. The dc side of the system will utilize a central inverter for interconnection. In addition to the solar facility equipment, a 25′ x 25′ metal maintenance building will provide storage space for spare equipment and remote monitoring of the system and site.

Project Challenge

The challenge of Stagecoach Solar Park is creating  an affordable, yet profitable micro-grid type of system that can be incorporated into rural communities. This opens opportunity to explore site impact and resident concerns.

  • Understand the community and its needs
  • Create plan to address concerns and flexibility in design
  • Study community reception and impacts to gauge viability and design

What We Did

For Stagecoach Solar Park, we developed a system that maximizes space and is less imposing on the community than typical solar facilities. The arrays are around 7′ tall, shorter than a single level home, which is less imposing on the landscape and surrounding properties.

Project Status

Vexidus is currently working to secure a Special Use permit and seeking funding for the project.

Project Details

Owner: Vexidus Corporation
Location: Sun Valley, Navajo County, AZ
Nameplate: 3.87 MW
Operator: Vexidus Energy Arizona, LLC
Category: Solar Park
Value: $3.2 mil